"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Who would have thought the Jets could pull off the upset  of the Saints, especially with rookie QB Geno Smith going 8 - 19 for 115 yards?  The Buccaneers almost pulled off an unlikely upset in Seattle, extending the Seahawks to overtime. Green Bay, without Aaron Rodgers for most of the night, couldn't get it done against Da' Bears.

Last Week: 8 - 5
Overall:  82 - 50

Cincinnati (6-2)  24 @ Miami (3-4) 20: The Bengals had a chance to take control of the AFC North, but squandered the opportunity.  No. 20 - 22 OT.

Kansas City (8-0) 23 @ Buffalo (3-5) 17: The Chiefs took care of business on the road, now it's a bye and then a trip to Denver to face the Broncos. Correct. 23 - 13.

Minnesota (1-6)  20 @ Dallas (4-4) 31: The Cowboys could have, but they didn't, hand one to the Vikings and took control of the NFC East. Correct. 27 - 23.

Tennessee (3-4) 16 @ St. Louis (3-5) 20: It looks like the Titans still have something to say about their playoff chances in the AFC.  No. 28 - 21.

New Orleans (6-1) 27 @ New York Jets (4-4) 16: Injuries have hurt the Saints, and it showed Sunday as they couldn't penetrate the Jets defense even though Geno Smith was ineffective at QB for the Jets. No. 20 - 26.

San Diego (4-3) 27 @ Washington (2-5) 30: The Redskins seem to be doing what they did last season, with RGIII looking much better in the pocket to make a stretch run. Correct. 24 - 30 OT.

Atlanta (2-5) 24 @ Carolina (4-3) 28: The Panthers are really looking like they are getting it all together. I think we can say goodbye to head coach Mike Smith in Atlanta. Correct. 10 - 34.

Philadelphia (3-5)  13 @ Oakland (3-4) 20: This Eagles team is driving me crazy. Two weeks at home with a total of ten points and then they put up a big number on the Raiders on the road. Go figure. No. 49 - 20.

Tampa Bay (0-7) 14 @ Seattle (7-1) 26: The Bucs had a chance to get their first win, but let the Seahawks escape. Seattle needs to get those injured offensive tackles back, because this team hasn't been particularly impressive for the last month, despite owning the best record in the NFC. Correct. 24 - 27 OT.

Baltimore (3-4) 20 @ Cleveland (3-5) 23: This division, with the Bengals loss, is still up for grabs if someone like the Browns gets on a run. Correct. 18 - 24.

Pittsburgh (2-5)  23 @ New England (6-2) 26: This was a close game until the Patriots exploded in the second half. The Steelers may be playing out the string for the chances to get a top draft pick. Correct. 31 - 55.

Indianapolis (5-2) 31 @ Houston (2-5) 23: The Texans lost another big lead, and more seriously, head coach Gary Kubiak collapsed at halftime. I certainly hope Kubiak is okay, but the team certainly isn't.   Correct.   27 - 24.

Chicago (4-3) 20 @ Green Bay (5-2) 27: Without Aaron Rodgers for the last three quarters, the Packers couldn't mount a fourth quarter comeback. Now the NFC North is clearly the dogfight we thought it would be at the beginning of the season. No. 27 - 20.