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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I had to rally with four consecutive correct picks to salvage a .500 weekend. But really, who would have thought the 'Niners, Colts and Titans would go down at home? Granted, I was an idiot for picking the Falcons. That won't happen again.

Last week: 7 -7
Overall:  89 - 57

Washington (3 - 5) 27 @ Minnesota (1 - 7) 19: The Redskins offense looked decent, but the Vikings were able to put too much pressure on RGIiI. It looks almost impossible for Washington to make it back to the playoffs, but last year they had the same record and ran the table. Can it happen again? Probably not. No. 27 - 34.

Seattle (8-1) 20 @ Atlanta (2-6) 27: Well, the Falcons, as far as I'm concerned, are done. What a disappointing season. As for Seattle, they get a big road win to stay in front to get home field advantage in the NFC. No. 33 - 10.

Detroit (5-3) 27 @ Chicago (5-3) 28: Oh well! whiffed on the first three picks of the week. However, it was as close as predicted. No. 21 - 19.

Philadelphia (4-5) 27 @ Green Bay (5-3) 24: The Eagles are coming on, setting up a good race with the Cowboys, and possibly even the Giants for the NFC East crown. Correct. 27 - 13.

Jacksonville (0-8) 19 @ Tennessee (4-4) 27: Well, I predicted the Jags would get a win or two, but I didn't think it would be in this game. Oh well, a bad week just got worse. No. 29 - 27.

St. Louis (3-6) 20 @ Indianapolis (6-2) 31: Could it get worse? Of course it can. Are you kidding me? How do the Colts get scorched by the Rams at home? Really? How do you beat the Broncos, 'Niners and Seahawks and lose to St. Louis? No. 38 - 8.

Oakland (3-5) 17 @ New York Giants (2-6) 26: The Giants are suddenly alive and kicking, now within a game of Dallas and Philadelphia in the loss column of the NFC East and tied with Washington. This will be quite a race. Correct. 20 - 24.

Buffalo (3-6) 17 @ Pittsburgh (2-6) 20: Just like the Giants, the Steelers are suddenly back in the race, despite early season difficulties.  Seven games to go and anything could happen. Correct. 10 - 23.

Cincinnati (6-3) 27 @ Baltimore (3-5) 17: I should have stuck with the experts. Now the AFC North is wide open. No. 17 - 20.

Carolina (5-3) 20 @ San Francisco (6-2) 28: The Panthers are suddenly in the mix, and not just for a playoff spot. This team goes into San Francisco and knocks off a hot 'Niners squad.  Just another bad pick in a bad week. No. 10 - 9.

Houston (2-6)  17 @ Arizona (4-4) 27: The Cardinals helped me get back on track with an expected win, but it was still close. Correct. 24 - 27.

Denver (7-1) 37 @ San Diego (4-4) 27: The Chargers made it close in the end, but Peyton Manning's four TD passes were enough for the Broncos to prevail. Correct. 28 - 20.

Dallas (5-4) 27 @ New Orleans (6-2) 35: I thought the Saints would get an easy win, but this was ridiculous. Jerry Jones doesn't have a clue on how to build a team in the salary cap era. Do yourself a favor, Jerry. Fire your GM. Oh, that's you. Well, good luck, then. Correct. 17 - 49.

Miami (4-4) 23 @ Tampa Bay (0-8) 24: As ugly as this game was, it was also pretty exciting down the stretch. The Bucs found a way to finally get their first win and the Dolphins couldn't hold a late lead to give me four correct picks in a row to end the weekend. Correct. 19 - 22.