"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Not a very good week, as I picked too many marginal road teams to pull out wins. Even though the Chiefs held on against the Browns, I still think someone is eventually going to find a way to put together a late drive to beat Kansas City. I think we can also put to rest the idea that the Falcons will put it together at some point. The same can probably be said about the Steelers.

Last week:  8 - 5
Overall:  74 - 45

Carolina (3-3) 23 @ Tampa Bay (0-6) 17: The Bucs coaching staff is probably spending a third of their time looking for other jobs for next season.  Correct. 31 - 13.

Dallas (4-3) 17 @ Detroit (4-3) 28: No problem, it's just the Cowboys being the Cowboys, right? Correct. 30 -31.

Cleveland (3-4) 23 @ Kansas City (7-0) 20: Okay, so I whiffed on this one, but the Chiefs are anything but a dominating 8 - 0 team. We'll see what happens as that schedule toughens up. No. 17 - 23.

Miami (3-3) 20 @ New England (5-2) 28: The Patriots continue to find ways to win and the Dolphins find ways to lose. Let's see, New England has six Super Bowl appearances since 1996, the Dolphins none since 1985. Hmmm. Correct.  17 - 27.

Buffalo (3-3) 14 @ New Orleans (5-1) 31: If it's at all possible, it seems the Saints are cruising under the radar. Correct. 17 - 35.

New York Giants (1-6) 23 @ Philadelphia (3-4) 30: Chip Kelly better find some offense in a hurry. The last two weeks have been nothing short of embarrassing for the Eagles. And don't look now, but are the Giants actually in contention in the NFC Least? No. 15 - 7.

San Francisco (5-2) 34 @ Jacksonville (0-7) 13: The Jags are awful. Enough said. Correct. 42 - 10.

New York Jets (4-3)  20 @ Cincinnati (5-2)  17: Man, was I wrong about this one. I think I need to find a new coin to flip. No. 9 - 49.

Pittsburgh (2-4) 24 @ Oakland (2-4) 23: The Raiders are a decent team, and even a better one at home.  No. 18 - 21.

Washington (2-4) 27@ Denver (6-1) 38: I pegged this one pretty well, with the 'Skins unable to stay in the game once it became a track meet. Correct. 21 - 45.

Atlanta (2-4)  30 @ Arizona (3-4) 24: I was way off on this one. There's no way the Falcons are anywhere close to getting on track. Bye, Bye, Mike White. It's one thing to get to the postseason and not win. It's another thing to not even sniff the postseason. No. 13 - 27.

Green Bay (4-2) 31 @ Minnesota (1-5)  14: All I can say is, watch out for the Packers. Correct. 44 - 31.

Seattle (6-1)  27 @ St. Louis (3-4) 17: The Seahawks have been criticized this week for their poor performance at St. Louis. but it's the NFL and they came away with a division win on the road. Seattle's still 7 - 1, and the last time I checked, in the lead in the NFC West and in possession of the best record and the highest point differential in the conference. Am I missing something here? Correct. 14 - 9.