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Saturday, October 26, 2013


Last week: 10 - 5
Overall:  66 - 40

Carolina (3-3) 23 @ Tampa Bay (0-6) 17: The Panthers have been playing pretty good football recently and it looks like they're turning things around for head coach Ron Rivera. The defense is relentless and QB Can Newton has the offense making positive strides. The Bucs are a total mess and are well on their way to costing Greg Schiano his head coaching job. If Tampa Bay wants to turn the season around, they need to start tonight, but I wouldn't count on it. Of course, it's a Thursday night road game, and the Panthers have shown some inconsistency the last couple of years. But the Bucs don't have much firepower on offense, so I'll stay with Carolina on this one. (This pick was posted on Thursday).

Dallas (4-3) 17 @ Detroit (4-3) 28: The Cowboys, in their up again, down again way, have a chance to really gain some momentum with a win. It just isn't going to happen. Dallas lays an egg in this one.

Cleveland (3-4) 23 @ Kansas City (7-0) 20: The Chiefs escaped with a one-point win against the Texans last week. Eventually their offense is going to have to step up. This is a real trap game for Kansas City. The Browns can play defense and eventually the Chiefs will have to lose. I'm going out on a huge limb and picking Cleveland.

Miami (3-3) 20 @ New England (5-2) 28: The Dolphins find themselves on a three game skid, not a great time to be heading into Foxboro to face the Patriots. Brady and Company are coming off a stinging loss to the Jets. A promising season for Miami will continue to unravel.

Buffalo (3-3) 14 @ New Orleans (5-1) 31: The Saints come off their bye week with fire in their eyes. The Bills have no shot in the Superdome.

New York Giants (1-6) 23 @ Philadelphia (3-4) 30: It's hard to tell if the Giants are improving after beating a toothless Vikings team Monday night. The Eagles laid an egg against the Cowboys, but Michael Vick is back and should give New York fits.

San Francisco (5-2) 34 @ Jacksonville (0-7) 13: The Jags are awful. Enough said.

New York Jets (4-3)  20 @ Cincinnati (5-2)  17: This could be one of the best games of the weekend, especially since six teams have a bye. The Jets are playing great defense and the Bengals are quietly taking control of the AFC North. It's a tossup for me. Heads, Jets.

Pittsburgh (2-4) 24 @ Oakland (2-4) 23: The Steelers are showing signs of life, but the Raiders play everyone tough at home. I think Pittsburgh will continue their resurgence.

Washington (2-4) 27@ Denver (6-1) 38: RGIII looked like his 2012 self last week and Peyton Manning looked a little bit vulnerable against the Colts. But the Redskins have a porous secondary that number 18 will likely shred at home. If this becomes a shootout, there's no way the 'Skins can prevail.

Atlanta (2-4)  30 @ Arizona (3-4) 24: I feel like the Falcons are getting back on track and even though the Cardinals have a pretty good team, it's time for Atlanta to start to show that they can get back in the NFC playoff hunt.

Green Bay (4-2) 31 @ Minnesota (1-5)  14: The Vikings don't have a reliable option at QB and the Packers, well, just sayin', they certainly do. End of the story.

Seattle (6-1)  27 @ St. Louis (3-4) 17: Ordinarily when you lose your starting QB, things start to unravel. But there's been a lot of talk in St. Louis that maybe Sam Bradford wasn't  going to be their long term answer anyway. It doesn't matter this week. Despite their road woes, the Seahawks are still 6 - 1 and way too much for the Rams.