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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I seem to have problems finishing out the week. Sunday and Monday night games are giving me fits this season.  The Vikings appear to have played QB Josh Freeman a little too early and Peyton Manning ran out of gas at Indianapolis. Other than that, not a bad week considering that I picked the Jets over the Patriots and the Redskins to beat the Bears.  The Eagles only scoring three points was a bit of a shocker, and now backup QB Nick Foles appears to be out with a concussion.

Last week: 10 - 5
Overall:  66 - 40

Seattle (5-1) 24 @ Arizona (3-3) 20: Seattle seems to be hitting stride, with their only loss coming to Indianapolis, nothing to be ashamed of considering the Colts also have victories over San Francisco and Denver. Correct. 34 - 22.

Tampa Bay (0-5) 20 @ Atlanta (1-4) 27:  The Falcons won a game they were supposed to, but they still have a big hill to climb to get back in the playoff hunt.  Correct. 23 - 31.

Cincinnati (4-2) 20 @ Detroit (4-2) 24: Cincinnati continues to impress again, looking like the favorite in the AFC North. No. 27 - 24.

Buffalo (2-4)  17 @ Miami (3-2) 23: Miami has pretty good talent, so this one was a game they'll look back on and figure they let one get away that might make a big difference at the end of the season. No. 23 - 21.

New England (5-1)  17 @ New York Jets (3-3) 20: The Jets were left for dead earlier in the season, but now they find themselves right in the hunt for the AFC East crown.  As Geno Smith continues to progress, watch out for the Jets. Correct. 27 - 30.

Dallas (3-3) 27 @ Philadelphia (3-3) 31: Dallas continues to surprise, and this time so did the Eagles. Three points, really?  No. 17 - 3.

Chicago (4-2) 24 @ Washington (1-4) 27: It's hard to please Redskins fans. First, RGIII didn't look like himself. Then when he does, the play calling is putting him in harm's way. I'll just take the win. 41 - 45. Correct.

St. Louis (3-3) 17 @ Carolina (2-3) 21: All of a sudden the Panthers are finding ways to win, and win convincingly. This could be a dangerous team down the stretch. Correct. 15 - 30.

San Diego  27 (3-3) @ Jacksonville (0-6) 17: So much for the Jags' best chance to get their first win. Correct. 24 - 6.

San Francisco (4-2) 30 @ Tennessee (3-3)  24: The 'Niners are definitely back on track. A big showdwon in San Francisco against the Seahawks looms large for later in the season. Correct. 31 - 17.

Cleveland (3-3) 17 @ Green Bay (3-2) 27 : The Packers are getting on a roll and got a break with Detroit's loss to Cincinnati and the Bears' breakdown against the Redskins. Correct. 13 - 31.

Houston (2-4)  16 @ Kansas City (6-0) 27: The Chiefs prevailed, but not as convincingly as I would have thought. Still, it's the NFL and a win's a win.  Correct. 16 - 17.

Baltimore (3-3) 20 @ Pittsburgh (1-4) 23: This one went pretty much true to form.  The Steelers seem to be getting their act together , but it may not be enough to catch the Bengals by the end of the season. Correct.  16 - 19.

Denver (6-0) 34 @ Indianapolis (4-2) 27: What a terrific game! Indy looks like the real deal, and these two could meet again for the AFC championship. No. 33 - 39.

Minnesota (1-4) 31 @ New York Giants (0-6) 27: The Vikings need to find some offense, and right now it doesn't look like QB Josh Freeman is the answer.  The Giants didn't look much better than they have all season, it was just that they were playing a team with as many problems as they do. No. 7 - 23.