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Sunday, September 21, 2014


There are some very compelling and important matchups in week three's NFL action.  It's virtually impossible for a team to start 0 - 3 and still make the playoffs, much less win a division. So that puts teams like New Orleans, Indianapolis and Kansas City on the hot seat. Two of those teams have been in conversations regarding the possibility of making the Super Bowl, Now it's desperation time.

San Diego (1 - 1) 20 @ Buffalo (2 - 0) 24: If the Bills aren't the most surprising team in the league, they certainly are on the short list. Those top draft picks on the offensive side of the ball are starting to pay off for Buffalo, and the defense is playing very well. The Chargers are a field goal from being 2 - 0, so this should be an interesting game. I'll take the home team against the west coast squad.

Dallas (1 - 1) 27 @ St. Louis (1 - 1) 24: Wow. This game is tough. Just when I thought the Rams would be one of the worst teams in the league, they pulled a surprise last week. A similar thing can be said about the Cowboys. Which teams will show up today? Hard to say.

Washington (1 - 1) 27 @ Philadelphia (2 - 0) 30: The Eagles can really put their early stamp on the NFC East with a win today. Washington looked like a different team last week with Kirk Cousins at the helm. As much as I would like to pick the 'Skins, the Eagles have the edge at home.

Houston (2 - 0) 24 @ New York Giants (0 - 2) 20: The Texans are in the running for most surprising team. The Giants need to retool at a lot of positions, but this being the NFL, I wouldn't be surprised if the home team pulled a surprise.

Minnesota (1 - 1) 17 @ New Orleans (0 - 2) 30: The Saints are desperate and the Vikings are in a bit of disarray from the Adrian Peterson issue. I like New Orleans to right the ship today.

Tennessee (1 - 1) 16 @ Cincinnati (2 - 0) 27: The Titans showed last week that they might not quite be ready to take a big step toward playoff contention. Cincy is just continuing to build on a solid foundation they've built the last few years.

Baltimore (1 - 1) 23 @ Cleveland (1 - 1) 20: This is always a grudge match as the new Browns host the old Browns. The Ravens got an extra couple of days to prepare, always an important advantage in the NFL.

Green Bay 27 @ Detroit 24: This is a big early season NFC Central game. Every team in the division is 1 - 1, so it's important for someone to start to distance themselves from the pack. Before the season, I thought the Lions would be tough to beat, but they laid an egg last week.

Indianapolis (0 - 2) 30 @ Jacksonville (0 - 2) 23: The Colts need a win in a big way, and the Jags are probably the best team they could face on the road to keep the season from slipping away.

Oakland (0 - 2) 16 @ New England (1 - 1) 31: The Pats are once again in position to contend for the AFFC East title. The Raiders probably won't offer much of a problem.

San Francisco (1 - 1) 24 @ Arizona (2 - 0) 27: The Cardinals have emerged as a real force in the NFC West, while the 'Niners are struggling to get the magic back.  I think they'll continue to struggle.

Denver 20 @ Seattle 27: In a rare Super Bowl rematch, I doubt the Broncos have improved enough to win this one in Seattle.

Kansas City (0 - 2) 21 @ Miami (1 - 1) 27: Neither team is playing particularly well, but I'm going to stick with the home team.

Pittsburgh (1 - 1) 17 @ Carolina (2 - 0) 27: The Panthers might be the most under the radar team in the league, even with Cam Newton at QB. I'll pull for the Steelers, but I have to go with Carolina.

Chicago (1 - 1) 23 @ New York Jets (1 - 1) 20: The Jets are very intriguing. They gave the Packers a tough game last week, but I think the Bears will prevail.