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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Things went a little better last week and now we start to get to the meat of the NFL schedule. Only three undefeated teams remain, with just one in action this week. Can the Eagles travel to San Francisco and have enough in the tank to make another comeback?  I'm not sure they can. Here are my picks.

Overall: 31 - 17

Green Bay (1 - 2) 23 @ Chicago (2 - 1) 24: The Packers are struggling, while the Bears are looking a little better. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers is telling the Packer nation not to panic, but after today they may be doing it anyway.

Buffalo (2 - 1) 17 @ Houston (2 - 1) 20: Both teams lost last week after unexpectedly hot starts. I like the Texans' defense and they're the home team, so I'll stick with Houston.

Tennessee (1 - 2) 24 @ Indianapolis (1 - 2) 30: The Colts are trying to dig themselves out of an 0 - 2 hole. Sometimes desperation can be a big motivator. The Titans are still in rebuilding mode.

Carolina (2 - 1) 16 @ Baltimore (2 - 1) 23: This is one of the more interesting games of the week. The Panthers looked pretty bad last week and the Ravens have seemed to recover from the Ray Rice debacle.

Detroit (2 - 1) 27 @ New York Jets (1 - 2) 21: The Lions are on the road, but they don't have to travel too far. The Jets have dodged bullets for the last couple of years, but this week I'm thinking they fall to 1 - 3.

Tampa Bay (0 - 3)  24 @ Pittsburgh (2 - 1) 31: Other than a miserable loss to Baltimore, the Steelers have looked solid. The Bucs have looked, well, not so solid, especially in last week's 56 - 14 drubbing by the Falcons.

Miami (1 - 2) 20 @ Oakland (0 - 3) 24:  The Dolphins had high expectations after an opening victory over the Patriots, but they've failed to win since. The Raiders have simply failed to win. But it's the NFL, the Dolphins are travelling west and will be facing a hostile environment.

Jacksonville (0 - 3) 17 @ San Diego (2 - 1) 34: See above, sort of. The difference is that the Chargers are playing very well and the Jags aren't. This one could get out of hand.

Philadelphia (3 - 0) 27 @ San Francisco (1 - 2) 28: The Eagles have made a habit of coming from behind, the first team to come back after trailing by ten or more points in three consecutive games. The 'Niners are reeling, even to the point where head coach Jim Harbaugh is rumored to be in the running for the soon to be vacant head coaching position at Michigan.

Atlanta (2 - 1) 30 @ Minnesota (1 - 2) 20: The Vikings haven't seemed to get over the Adrian Peterson situation. The Falcons appear to be on the rise.

New Orleans (1 - 2) 27 @ Dallas (2 - 1) 24; This is my pick for the game of the week. The Saints are in pretty big trouble if they lose today and the Falcons defeat the Vikings. The Cowboys have found a way to get to 2 - 1 without playing particularly well. Tough pick.

New England (2 -1) 27 @ Kansas City (1 - 2) 30: The Chiefs finally came to life last week, just in time to take on an always competitive Patriots team. We'll see if Andy Reid can continue to get his Kansas City squad back in contention for a playoff spot. Falling to 1 - 3 would be tough to overcome.