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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I wasn't sure I could follow up last season's success with another wining campaign, but a 12 - 4 start is a good way to begin. Surprisingly, three of the games I missed were probably ones that I felt most positive about, but that just shows the unpredictable nature of the NFL.

Last week: 12 - 4
Overall: 12 - 4

Thursday (predicted in a prior post)

Green Bay @ Seattle: Seattle 27 Green Bay 23 Correct. The Seahawks don't look like they've missed a beat from their Super Bowl winning season. They made Aaron Rodgers look average, and he'd anything but. Seattle 36 - 16.


Buffalo @ Chicago:  Chicago 31 Buffalo 21 No. This is one of those games that I didn't think could go the way it did. If I was in a survivor league, I would probably be out of  the running, because Chicago's schedule gets a lot tougher and this one looked like a no brainer for the Bears. Buffalo 23 - 20.

Washington @ Houston: Washington 24 Houston 20 No. RGIII actually looked okay, but the receivers and running backs had difficulty hanging onto the football. Fortunately for Washington, their division is up for grabs. The Texans will be wreaking more havoc with that defense, even without Jadaveon Clowney. Houston 17 - 6.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore: Cincinnati 27 Baltimore 20. Correct. It looks like my whim paid off, but now I'm looking seriously at the Bengals to lead the division again. Cincinnati 23 - 16.

Tennessee @ Kansas City: Kansas City 30 Tennessee 16. No. I didn't see this one coming at all. The Chiefs seem to continuing the swoon that began late last season. Of course, the Titans could just be vastly improved. Tennessee 26 - 10.

New England @ Miami: Miami 34 New England 30. Correct. This one may have surprised a lot of others, but not me. Miami 33 - 20.

Minnesota @ St. Louis: Minnesota 24 St. Louis 20. Correct. Actually, this probably would have been my survivor pick. The Rams may be able to get on a roll later, but they're still trying to adjust to the loss of Sam Bradford. Minnesota 34 - 6.

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh 24 Cleveland 20 Correct. It looked for a while like the Browns might go with Manziel, but Hoyer got things going and Cleveland almost pulled it out. Pittsburgh 30 - 27.

Jacksonville @ Philadelphia: Philadelphia 30 Jacksonville 20. Correct. It took awhile, but the Eagles finally caught fire. Philadelphia 34 - 17.

Oakland @ New York Jets:  Jets 27 Oakland 17. Correct. The Jets were in a dogfight, but pulled it out. It still doesn't mean they're a good team. Jets 19 - 14.

New Orleans @ Atlanta: Atlanta 28 New Orleans 27. Correct. Unlike my college upset picks, this one played out. The Falcons appear to be back in form. Atlanta 37 - 34.

San Francisco @ Dallas: Dallas 24 San Francisco 20. No. It might be about time to push the panic button in Big D. Romo looked lost and the defense is just plain terrible. San Francisco 28 - 17.

Carolina @ Tampa Bay: Carolina 31 Tampa Bay 21. Correct. Even without QB Cam Newton, the Panthers got a big opening win on the road. Carolina 20 - 14.

Indianapolis @ Denver: Denver 34 Indianapolis 31.Correct. Manning looked like Manning and Indianapolis, well they looked like the comeback Colts of the last few years. But it just wasn't quite enough. Denver  31 - 24.

New York Giants @ Detroit: Detroit 30 Giants 17. Correct. My comment in the prediction was "the Giants are just plain awful". Well, nothing changed to convince me otherwise. Detroit 35 - 14.

San Diego @ Arizona: Arizona 30 San Diego 28. Correct. This game promised to be close and it was. The Cardinals were fortunate to win despite missing a pair of two-point conversions. Arizona 18 - 17.