"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Sad State of Affairs in Happy Valley: Reports that Joe Paterno may have bee involved in the cover up of the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal is troublesome, but in the scheme of things, not all that surprising. A legacy that as recently as 9 months ago was solid and secure, is now in shambles.  It's hard to believe that if he were still alive, there would be a possibility of Joe Peterno facing crimnal charges.  That is a moot point now, but still a sad turn to an already shameful story for Penn State University.  It is a lesson in  the need for oversight, accountability and transparency in these big budget athletic programs, fueled primarily by the football teams.  Perhaps it's time for fans to look at themselves in the mirror and rethink what is really important.  At the end of the day, has the price for winning college football games become too high? What are we really valuing? Where will it end?

Is it my imagination, or does Tiger Woods seem to contending every week?: Okay, Tiger didn't close the deal at the US Open despite leading heading into the weekend. But after his very tidy bogey -free 67 yesterday, the best player of his generation sits just one shot off the lead.  Long putts, chip-ins, precise iron shots....Wait, is it 2000 or 2012?  After two wins already this year, another win by Woods on a major championship caliber golf course could signal some really big things for the 14-time major tournament winner.  I still think 19 majors may be out of reach, but it should be exciting to see if Tiger can make a run at Jack's seemingly unattainable record.

Speaking of money, what should college football do with the playoff windfall?:  On ESPN's "The Sports Reporters" this morning, Bob Ryan said that it was too complicated to come up with a way to compensate college athletes beyond scholarships. I don't agree.  The big complaint I have about the system and the reason so-called student athletes resort to selling items and committing petty theft, is to provide themselves some spending money.  I don't believe the players should be "paid", thus making them professional athletes.  I just believe that these kids, many of whom do not come from families with significant fanancial means, should be able to have some discretionary money.  It doesn't seem complicated to me. If any student-athlete is on scholarship, then part of that benefit is a monthly cash stipend.  Will that eliminate all of the problems? No. But I think it's a fair way to distribute part of the money to the people actually playing the games, matches, etc. If we can pay coaches seven-figure salaries, provide them with cars and club memberships, then it's time to acknowledge the student-athletes.

50/50 with Bob Ryan: Bob Ryan opened this morning's show pleading for the EURO 2012 Championship not to be decided by a penalty kick shootout.  I couldn't agree more.  My hope is these two teams opent it up and play an exciting match worthy of this prestigious championship, second only to the World Cup. I know I'll be watching!

How important is Matt Kemp to the Dodgers?: Matt Kemp is on the DL and the Dodgers have been  shut out in 5 of their last six games.  I can understand if these are the 1960's era Mets or Senators.  But this is a team that before the past week was the story of the season in Major League Baseball.  Seven consecutive losses later they don't even lead their division.  Kemp is making minor league rehab starts and for the Dodgers I'm certain his return can't happen soon enough.