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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Four American Men Still Alive at Wimbledon: As I sat watching Breakfast at Wimbledon, there were still four Americans alive in the men's draw.  Andy Roddick was seeded a very low 30th and Mardy fish is seeded 10th, but all of the Americans are in the same half of the draw.  If one could at least get to the semis it would be a big boost the fortunes of American tennis.  With Nadal out and Federer struggling a little bit, perhaps there could be a surprise or two come week two at the All England club. Unfortunately, Roddick couldn't sustain a fast start and Querrey couldn't make it all the way back after dropping the first two sets and extending Cilic to a 32 game fifth set. So now only two American men remain. On the women's side, Serena looked good while surviving a tough three set match.  Venus looked tired just sitting in the stands.  Hopefully she can bounce back and play more competitive tennis in the future.

Phelps, Lochte rivalry: The Olympics are a month away and I'm beginning to look forward to the swimming drama that is sure to unfold in London.  The competitive nature of the American trials should give the Americans some momentum heading into the key races against the Australians.  It would be a great story if Michael Phelps can close out his Olympic career by adding to his record gold medal haul.

Excited About Soccer, Really? I hate to admit that I have been closely following the EURO 2012 soccer tournament. While I'm not pleased with the penalty kicks deciding matches, I have been impressed with the level of play, with the exception of France's performance in the quarterfinals.  I was particularly suprised by Italy's win over Germany and the way they raced off to a 2-0 lead and held on to get to the final.  Since I don't have a dog in this hunt, about all I can hope for is an exciting match that doesn't go down to penalty kicks. I'll feel a little cheated if it does.

I remember Erin when....: The announcement that Erin Andrews is leaving ESPN reminds me that I used to watch both she and Jay Crawford on local television in Tampa early in the new millenium.  To see what both have accomplished is fascinating to me.  As a huge sports enthusiast, I question the value of a reporter like Erin Andrews to ratings.  I can't ever remember deciding to watch an actual sporting event based on the announcer or sideline reporter.  It is rumored that Fox is pursuing Erin, and since they are trying to dent ESPN's hold on college football, it's probably a good move.  But just because Erin Andrews is on the sideline, I doubt I'll tune to a Baylor - Texas Tech game I would not otherwise be interested in wayching.

Weekly Baseball Comment: The Yankees may come back to the pack with the injuries to Sabathia and Pettite, but their hitting will still carry them deep into the season.  The AL East is so deep both Wild Card teams could come out of the division.  I'm impressed with the way the Orioles are hanging in there, but like the Pirates and Indians last year, it's only a matter of time until they drop behind the rest of the power teams in that division.  And speaking of the Indians, it looks like deja vu all over again.  The Kevin Youkalis trade has bolstered the White Sox at third base and the Tigers are poised to play better ball the second half of the season. In the west, the Rangers continue to cruise.  The senior circuit finds the upstart Nationals in first place in the east, showing no signs of letting up. The Giants, finally finding their pitching, have caught and passed the Dodgers on heels of a sweep with shutouts of their rivals to the south.  Meanwhile, the Central is shaping up as another battle, similar to last year.  The Pirates, a sentimental favorite, will hard pressed to keep pace with the Reds and the Cardinals.