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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What A Great Day In London!

Gold and Silver for the US Olympic Men’s Basketball Team?: Forget Spain. Why don’t we just have the US Men’s Olympic first team play the second team? I mean really, the performance, albeit against Tunisia, of the second team was pretty impressive. Although, frankly, I have a hard time putting Mello on the reserves.  He should be a starter. The biggest surprise for me is Kevin Love. Maybe it’s because he plays in a small market with little or no national exposure. I have to admit, when he came out of UCLA after his freshman season, I thought it was a huge mistake.  I didn’t think we would ever hear about him again, unless it was in a mop-up role for a championship team. Man, did he ever prove me wrong. And Anthony Davis definitely looks like he belongs. Those Hornets should be making things exciting in New Orleans for the next few seasons, provided the team stays put.  My guess is they don’t, but what do I know? Just ask Kevin Love….

Just Give Him a Big Lead: How good is Michael Phelps? Even at the end of a record-setting career, the guy finds a way to win silver and gold in one night. And how close was that silver to another gold? No more than the length of a finger. But at 19 medals and counting, the most decorated Olympic athlete in history shows no signs of stopping. And for the first time, he swam the anchor leg on a relay. He asked for a big lead, and guess what his teammates gave him? All I can say is WOW! We don’t see swimming that often, so it’s hard for us to think about Phelps in the same way we revere Montana, Jordan, Federer, Woods, Sorrenstam, Gretzky, Brady, Manning (one or both, take your pick), Rice and all of the other greats I left out. But he definitely belongs there. Congratulations Michael Phelps! We should have nothing but respect for his accomplishments. In addition, he has inspired an entire generation of swimmers that continue to bring excellence to American swimming.

What the Men Couldn’t, the Women Did: One night after the US Men’s Gymnastic Team stumbled out of the blocks, the women came out, killed the vault and never looked back. What a gutsy performance, especially given the disappointment of Jordan Wieber two nights ago. They put together 12 strong, sometimes spectacular performances to pretty much lap the field. The balance beam, traditionally an American nightmare, proved to be the explanation point on the efforts of five women who not only won gold, but miraculously defied the Sports Illustrated cover jinx.  Great performance, great night for five very deserving young women.

There are a Lot of Great Performances at the Olympics: There have been so many great performances at these Games, but NBC’s is not among them. I can understand botching a live broadcast, especially with all of the venues and cameras they have in and around London.  But when you have 4 or 5 hours to fine tune the production of THE glamour event of the entire Olympics, and you fail to show scores after numerous performances, come on. We all know it’s not live. We don’t care that it’s not live. So don’t try to make it seem like it’s live by screwing it up like it’s live. Like I said yesterday, and I’ll keep saying it until they get it right. Come on NBC, you can do better by your viewers.  We’re watching sports. Give us scores. Especially when you have a few hours to do so.

I Know, Football Camps Opened: I’ve been so wrapped up in the Olympics, it took my 11 year-old daughter to remind me that evidently, RGIII is killing it in Redskins camp. Now, don’t get me wrong. Camp isn’t the same as taking on the potential dynastic dream team of Philadelphia, or America’s team (well, not anymore, but don’t tell Jerry Jones), or even the defending champion Giants. But after 20 years of pretty much playoff futility for us Redskin fans, I’ll take a good camp over a bad one.