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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


For the first time ever, I ran the table on my picks, correctly predicting a number of upsets and staying with the favorites at the right time. It can only go downhill from here, but first the recap from last week.

Last Week: 32 - 0  100.0 %
Season:  32 - 0  100.0%

Charlotte  14  @ (19) Louisville  37 : Not really much to take from this one, except that the Cardinals appear to be on a mission to stay in the race longer than last season. Correct: Louisville 70 - 14

Appalachian State 16 @  (9) Tennessee  27:  I was actually tempted to take ASU in this one, but stuck with the Vols. I'm now convinced more than before that UT is overrated.  Correct: Tennessee 20 - 13 OT

Tulane 17 @  Wake Forest 24:  Still no offense in Winston-Salem. Correct: Wake Forest 7 - 3

South Carolina 23 @  Vanderbilt  17: Why does anyone think Will Muschamp is an SEC caliber head coach?  Correct: South Carolina 13 - 10

Colorada St. 27 vs. Colorado 30 (Denver): Could this signal some improvement by the Buffs? We'll have to wait until the Pac-12 schedule starts. Correct: Colorado 44 - 7

Northwestern State  6 @  (23) Baylor 57: I didn't miss this one by much, but it doesn't really tell us much about the Bears.  Correct: Baylor 55 - 7

Furman 0 @  (12) Michigan State 40:  It looks like Michigan State has some work to do with a young team.  Correct: 28 - 13

Kansas State 13 @ (8) Stanford 28: I almost nailed the score on this one, too. A little too much McCaffery for my taste. Stanford needs to mix it up more. Correct: Stanford 26 - 13

Boston College 17 vs.  Georgia Tech 27 (Dublin, Ireland):  I hope the fans had some good beer, because the football was more like Keystone caliber. Correct: Georgia Tech 17 - 14

Miami, Ohio 3 @  (17) Iowa 38:  The Hawkeye defense needs to play better in Big Ten play, but the team got off to a good start. Correct: Iowa 45 - 21

Massachusetts 6 @ (25) Florida 30: The Gators are still struggling on offense. Correct: Florida 24 - 7

South Dakota State 13 @  (13) TCU  31:  Gary Patterson needs to be concerned after giving up 41 to FCS South Dakota State, a third place team in their own conference.  Correct: TCU 59 - 41

Southeastern Louisiana  10 @  (21) Oklahoma State 58:No surprise in this one, but also didn't tell us much about the Cowboys that we didn't already know.  Correct: Oklahoma State 61 - 7

Hawaii  10 @  (7) Michigan 41:  Games nine games apart in Australia and Michigan for the Rainbow Warriors. At least they got a field goal. Correct: Michigan 63 - 3

Oregon State 17 @ Minnesota 26: Ho-hum for the Gophers. They're still middle of the pack Big Ten team. Correct: Minnesota 30 - 23

Fresno State  16 @  Nebraska  30:  Mike Riley appears to have the 'Huskers headed in the right direction. A season ending game against Iowa will be looming all year. Correct: 43 - 10

Western Michigan  24 @  Northwestern  23: What can I say? Go MAC! Correct: Western Michigan 22 - 21

Bowling Green 13 @ (5) Ohio State 34:  No repeat of a MAC attack in Columbus. Correct: Ohio State 77 - 10

Kent State 10 @ Penn State  27 : The Nittany Lions will get a chance for state bragging rights against Pittsburgh this week. They looked good in taking care of business against Kent State. Penn State 33 - 13

Rutgers 20 @ (14) Washington 38:  The Huskies were impressive but Rutgers will make a lot of teams look like conference champs this season. Correct: Washington 48 - 13

 Missouri  13 @ West Va. 26 : Missouri may be slightly improved, but that offense still needs a lot of work.  Correct: West Virginia 26 - 11

Boise State 41 @ Louisiana 14: Boise steps up in class against Washington State this week.  Correct: Boise State 45 - 10

BYU 31 vs. Arizona 28 (Glendale, Arizona): A close game as expected, but not as much offense. With that defense, Arizona could surprise some teams in the Pac-12. Correct: BYU 18 - 16

(16) UCLA 26@ Texas A&M  27: Neither team was particularly impressive, although it was a close and exciting game. It didn't really give me much reason to jump on either ban wagon. Correct: Texas A&M 31 - 24 OT

(22) North Carolina  31 vs. (18) Georgia 34 (Atlanta, GA): Kirby Smart has the Bulldogs playing well out of the chute. The loss probably hurt UNC at the national level. Correct: Georgia 33 - 24

(2) Clemson  31 @ Auburn  20: Is Auburn better or did Clemson just come out a little rusty? Who knows, but a true road win in SEC country isn't bad. Correct: Clemson 19 - 13

(3) Oklahoma  27 @ (15) Houston 30: The Cougars looked dominant against a team that was picked to contend for a national championship. The question is already being asked: Does Houston have a shot at the playoffs?  Correct: Houston 33 - 23

 (17) USC  24 vs. (1) Alabama  28 (Arlington, TX): Either USC is in total disarray or Alabama is the favorite in the AFC South. I think I'll go with the former for now. Correct: Alabama 52 - 6

La. Tech 17 @ Arkansas 27: At least this slow start didn't end up in an "L" for the Hogs as in prior  seasons. A big road game at TCU looms large for Arkansas. Correct: Arkansas 21 - 20

Liberty 10 @ Va. Tech 31: About what I expected, a sluggish start followed by defensive domination by the Hokies. Things get tougher in a hurry against Tennessee in the Battle at Bristol. Correct: Va. Tech 36 - 13

(10) Notre Dame 23@ Texas 24: This one could have gone either way, but ended up as a statement game in Charlie Strong's third season in Austin. I'm sure expectations are through the roof now, but it's a long season and I'm certain Texas will falter at some point.  Correct: Texas 50 - 47 OT

(4) Florida State 30 vs. (11) Ole Miss 20 (Orlando, FL):  One of the greatest comebacks ever. If the 'Noles play all year like they did in the second half, I'd want a shot at revising my playoff picks. Just sayin'.

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