"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Thursday, September 17, 2015



(8) Clemson (2 - 0) 30 @ Louisville (0 - 2) 20: Clemson hasn't been challenged in two games against what borders on no competition while Louisville opened with pair of losses to pretty good offensive football teams. My pick to win the ACC is in a virtual must win situation to try to salvage coach Bobby Petrino's season. The Cardinals have been unimpressive in losses to Auburn and Houston, a surprising setback. I can't stick with Louisville, even at home, particularly after the way Auburn played and almost lost to FCS Jacksonville State last week.


Denver (1 - 0) 23 @ Kansas City (1 - 0) 24 : These teams are probably going to battle it out for AFC West supremacy this season. Both sport ferocious pass rushes, but the similarity ends there. Peyton Manning of the Broncos is one of the all time great quarterbacks on the tail end of his magnificent career. Alex Smith, the Chiefs signal caller, while not spectacular, manages the game well and for the most part avoids turnovers. Manning longest completion in week one against a tough Raven defense was eighteen yards. I'm not sure that will get the job done tonight in a very raucous stadium in Kansas City. The home team figures to win these match-ups, so I'll go with the Chiefs in a tight game.

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