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Thursday, April 23, 2015


Earlier this month I wrote in a post that it appeared the NFL and even our criminal justice system seemed to value the welfare of dogs over that of women in this country. The Greg Hardy case was a perfect example of how a high profile NFL player was able to manipulate the system to not only avoid criminal prosecution, but even punishment by the National Football League. It appears that situation has been rectified by the NFL's decision to suspend Hardy, who was acquired earlier this year by the Dallas Cowboys, for ten games to begin the 2015 season.

After Ray Rice received a slap on the wrist, and to this date, no criminal punishment and after Hardy was placed on the commissioner's exempt list (taken off the field, but still received full salary), it appeared that even though the NFL talked a good game, they essentially and repeatedly fumbled the ball at the two yard line. Both Rice and Hardy are useless pieces of crap that just happen to have found a vocation that welcomes their violent natures. Adrian Peterson, while offering a little bit more complicated story, is another example of a player who can't seem to separate the tough attributes it takes to play football for a living from the civilized behavior the rest of us are expected to exhibit on a daily basis.

I'm sure there are Dallas Cowboy fans screaming about the supposed injustice of imposing disciplinary measures on a man who was never technically convicted of a crime. But a guy who routinely uses his fiancee as a human punching bag doesn't need to be convicted of anything for it to be obvious to all exactly what he is. Just as Aaron Hernandez was found guilty on primarily circumstantial evidence, the NFL investigated and found plenty of rationale for sending a clear message to Hardy and the rest of scum that engage in similar behavior.

I applaud Mike Golic of ESPN's Mike and Mike show @mikeandmike for his candor and  unequivocal support of the league's ruling. It's amazing that there was outrage at the NFL's lack of teeth in the Ray rice incident, and now there is similar criticism for its aggressive stance with Hardy. But as Golic clearly stated: it's not the NFL that we should be questioning, but rather the behavior of Greg Hardy and other men who somehow feel it's okay to beat up women. If we can make one thing clear through all of these cases, it's that unless she's attempting to kill you, under absolutely no circumstances is it okay to beat up a woman, .

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