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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Tiger Back at Augusta? There are significant rumblings that four time Master's champ Tiger Woods might have his game in good enough shape to play next week at Augusta. Judging from his performances earlier in the season, he better have made serious improvements to have a chance to contend in a tournament he hasn't won in ten years. When Woods walked off with the 2008 U.S. Open trophy, it would have been almost impossible to believe that it would be his last major championship to date. At that time, Jack Nicklaus' 18 major victories appeared destined to be surpassed by the then 32 year old phenom. Now, it's conceivable that after injuries, personal controversy and repeated swing changes that Woods may never win any tournament again, much less a major. As a documented Tiger fan, I hope he can find a way to have a resurgence in his play and his results. However, time hasn't been kind to others, particularly Tom Watson, who despite playing competitively even to this day at the age of 65, won his last major at age 33. Arnold Palmer added his last major victory at age 34. Ben Hogan, somewhat of a late bloomer, won three majors at the age of 40, but he had missed significant time recovering from his infamous car accident. Even Gary Player, who was a pioneer in athletic fitness, added only a single major after he turned 38. And Jack Nicklaus, whose most famous shot is arguably his putt to take the lead in the 1986 Master's at the age of 46, was only able to grab four major championships past the age of 35. On the other hand, Phil Mickelson has been able to win four majors since turning 39. Vijay Singh won all three of his majors after his 35th birthday. Going back just a couple of seasons, Woods was dominant in everything but the majors, in which he contended but couldn't finish the job. So if he can get it going, there's a chance for him to turn his career around. However, my contention is that his body has had to withstand a lot of violent golf swings, and it's finally just wearing out.

Greg Hardy:  I have a difficult time understanding why Greg Hardy, who was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend and then used a technicality to avoid prosecution, still hasn't missed an NFL paycheck and was recently signed by the Dallas Cowboys. I can understand second chances, but Hardy has yet to be penalized for the first chance. Michael Vick went to jail for two years and lost the prime of his career for running a dog fighting ring. Are we putting the welfare of dogs above the women in this county? Really? Ray Rice beats up his then girlfriend, now wife (don't fully understand that one) on tape, leaves her to potentially die in an elevator, and the last time I checked he's still walking the streets. If I was a woman, I would be outraged at the treatment of domestic and sexual violence victims. Is Greg Hardy really that important? What about Nicole Holder, the woman he beat up? I'm all for redemption, second chances and forgiveness, but let's make sure the proper messages are sent in the process. The message I get from the Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Michael Vick cases are that famous NFL players and dogs matter, but women don't. And that's just plain wrong.

"40 - 0": An attorney in Kentucky has trademarked "40 - 0" and is selling t-shirts with the logo on them. Now the University of Kentucky is upset and trying to stop the use of the logo, maintaining it infringes on their own trademarks. Really? The guy had the foresight to commercialize "40 - 0", with no other inference to the University of Kentucky, and Big Blue thinks they can shut the guy down? Talk about institutional arrogance. Besides, I thought UK was an academic institution, whose primary goal is to educate and enlighten young minds. Oh, there I go, off in my perfect world again.

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