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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Day College Football and NFL Picks

Thanksgiving used to be about eating as much turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie as possible and then settling in to watch the Lions lose and the Cowboys win. Now we have an extra NFL game as well as two or three college games to fit into the schedule. It makes it difficult to schedule a nap time.


(5) TCU (9 - 1) 30 @ Texas (6 - 5) 27: I don't see how the Longhorns could have have any more motivation in this game than to end the season by knocking TCU out of playoff consideration and finishing with four straight victories and five wins in their last six games. Texas has held their last three opponents to an average of 12 points. That's no small feat in the Big 12. But TCU hasn't been held to less than 30 points this season, so while I really like what Charlie Strong has done the second half of the season at Texas, I think the Horned Frogs will win a very close and entertaining game.

LSU (7 - 4) 26 @ Texas A&M (7 - 4) 31: Both of these teams are struggling to get to the end of the season. For LSU, they need to find a way to score. For Texas A&M, they need to find a way to stop someone from scoring. What's interesting is that LSU will be able to score and A&M will probably be able to stop LSU. The question is whether LSU can stop Texas A&M's offense. I don't think so.


Chicago (5 - 6) 16 @ Detroit (7 - 4) 24: The Lions haven't figured out how to get their offense going, but their defense should be able to give the Bears fits. After losing five of six games, Chicago got two 21 - 13 victories at home over two teams with a combined 6 - 16 record. Detroit should be able to stop Chicago enough times to get their offense in gear, especially given the Bears' porous pass defense.

Philadelphia (8 - 3) 34 @ Dallas (8 - 3) 28: This is not a great matchup for the Cowboys, one they have to deal with twice in the next three games. The problem for Dallas is that their pass defense is weak and the strength of the Eagles' offense is through the air. This will clearly be a case of whether the Cowboys can stay with Philadelphia in what will likely be a shootout, with neither defense playing particularly well. I'm going with the Eagles.

Seattle (7 - 4) 24 @ San Francisco (7 - 4) 17: The Seahawks dominated the Cardinals last week, so maybe they're kicking it into gear to make a playoff run. These teams are virtual mirror images of each other, with dominant defenses and run-oriented offenses. Looking at the tendencies, I have to favor the Seahawks because of their ability to score more points, even on the road.