"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Cleveland (6 - 4) 27 @ Atlanta (4 - 6) 24: The Browns stumbled at home last week in a game they really needed to win. Four of their last six are on the road as they head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons. This is an interesting pick as neither team has exhibited overpowering offenses, so the matchups will be important. The Brown give up a lot of yards on the ground, but the Falcons don't have a very effective running game.

Tennessee (2 - 8) 20 @ Philadelphia (7 - 3) 30: The Eagles looked pathetic last week, but then again the Packers are making a lot of teams look pathetic over the last few games. Tennessee's offense is pretty anemic, so I don't expect them to be able to keep up with Philadelphia.

Detroit (7 - 3) 24 @ New England (8 - 2) 33: Without Reggie Bush, the Lions are much more limited on offense, not a good thing when going against one of the hottest teams in the league. The Patriots have scored at least 37 points in five games in their six games winning streak.

Green Bay (7 - 3) 24 @ Minnesota (4 - 6) 20: Can Aaron Rodgers take his dominating offensive show on the road? This season's performance would indicate no. The Packers are averaging almost 44 points in Lambeau Field and barely 20 away from that storied venue. That's a huge difference. Minnesota is eighth in the league against the pass, but gave up 42 points in a loss at Green Bay in week 5.

Jacksonville (1 - 9) 17 @ Indianapolis (6 - 4) 34: Indianapolis leads the league in passing yards while Jacksonville is 26th in the league against the air attack. That doesn't add up very well for the visiting Jags.

Cincinatti (6 - 3 - 1) 21 @ Houston (5 - 5) 27: Ryan Mallett made his QB debut for Houston last week to mixed reviews. Of course the most important thing is that the Texans got a big win over Cleveland as Mallett went 20 of 30 with a couple of TD's.

Tampa Bay (2 - 8) 17 @ Chicago (4 - 6) 30: The Bucs don't have a good offense and they have a bad defense. That pretty much sums up why they're 2 - 8. But amazingly, they find themselves only a couple of games out of the division lead. The Bears righted their listing ship last week and I think they'll continue some progress today.

Arizona (9 - 1) 23 @ Seattle (6 - 4) 20: The Cardinals were the only team to knock off Seattle at home last season.This year they're third against the run, and that's the strength of the Seahawks. This game is all about whether one believes that the Seahawks can impose their will on the Cardinals defense. Only Peyton Manning has been able to do that.

St. Louis (4 - 6) 24 @ San Diego (6 - 4) 23: The Rams haven't been able to follow up a win with another one this season. The Chargers have also been inconsistent, losing three in a row after reeling off five straight wins. An unimpressive victory against the Raiders ended the skid, but their problems aren't over. My head says take the Chargers at home, but something is tugging at me to go with the Rams.

Miami (6 - 4) 16 @ Denver (7 - 3) 28: The Broncos' road to the Super Bowl has hit a couple of speed bumps...okay, maybe more like roadblocks. They host Miami, a team that happens to be the second best against the pass in the league. However, Peyton Manning and company are virtually unbeatable at home, where they haven't played in a month.

Washington (3 - 7) 27 @ San Francisco (6 - 4) 24:The Niners are coming off two road wins, taking on a Washington team mired in controversy. Losses to Chicago and St. Louis have marred what could be an impressive record for San Francisco. Can the Redskins pull a big upset after the turmoil of the last week? I'm going with the visitors in my conspiracy theory special of the week.

Dallas (7 - 3) 30 @ New York Giants (3 - 7) 24: This is as close to a "throw the records out the window" game as you can get in the NFL. These teams just don't like each other and the Giants really have nothing to lose by pulling out all of the stops against the Cowboy. But when the second leading rushing team faces the leagues worst run defense, well, bad things can happen.

New York Jets (2 - 8) 17 @ Buffalo (5 - 5) 23 in Detroit: What a strange week in Buffalo, ending up in the Bills moving their home game against division rival Jets to Detroit. The Jets aren't particularly good and the Bills are trying to rally for a playoff spot.

Baltimore (6 - 4) 27 @ New Orleans (4 - 6) 31: The Saints have lost two in a row at home and I don't think they'll lost another one to make it three game skid. If they do, it will be the first time a division had a leader that is three games under .500.