"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Saturday, February 22, 2014


BIG SURPRISE?: So the Canadians have kicked serious you know what in hockey and curling at the Olympics. Both sports involve a lot of ice, something that last time I checked, doesn't naturally exist in a large part of the United States at anytime during the year. But what's really interesting is that the national sport of our wonderful neighbors to the north is neither of the sports at which they excelled in Sochi. Most Americans would probably be surprised to hear that lacrosse is Canada's national sport. Of course, most Americans would probably be surprised to hear anything about lacrosse, or curling, or even hockey for that matter. If it's not about football, maybe basketball and, well, to a lesser extent, baseball, we don't seem to care too much. Unless of course you happen to be twelve years old and spend almost every weekend playing soccer. Or if you're an adult and the U.S. soccer team is making a run in the World Cup. So unlike Canada, which has two or three sports that almost every citizen plays at some point, we Americans have a large number of sports we participate in and/or watch, including golf and tennis. I'm not surprised at the success of Canada in curling and hockey, and I congratulate those teams on their success and accomplishment.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL DOWN TO THE WIRE: Syracuse lost this week, but given the lack of success of undefeated teams in the NCAA tournament since Indiana finished unbeaten in 1976, Orange coach Jim Boeheim probably isn't all that upset. Now they get to head into tonight's rematch against Duke simply trying to get a big win, instead of having the added pressure of staying perfect on the season. The first game between these two teams was a classic, and I expect a similar contest this evening. After a little bit of a struggle at mid-season, Duke is rounding into form and both of these teams could find themselves trying to make jump shots in a 100,000 seat stadium come the first weekend in April.

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