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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


AdvoCare V100 Bowl:

Arizona (7 - 5) 30 vs. Boston College (7 - 5) 26: I'm not too sure what an AdvoCare is, but I do know that this is previously the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl. This is one of those games that no one really cares about, outside of the teams involved. It's a showdown between the ACC and the Pac-12, one of two on today's schedule. Both teams have and All-American at running back, so we'll see a lot of action on the ground. Arizona had big win over Oregon, then lost to rival Arizona State in a romp to end the season. BC had won four in a row before losing a close one to Syracuse in their last game. This is a tossup for me. I'll take Arizona because of their defense.

Hyundai Sun Bowl:

Virginia Tech (8 - 4) 24 vs. (17) UCLA (9 - 3) 21: Although Virginia Tech is playing in their twenty-first consecutive bowl game, it's their first Sun Bowl since 1947. This is a compelling matchup, primarily because of the Virginia Tech's defense and inconsistent offense. The Bruins can put a lot of points on the board, but both Oregon and Stanford were able to shut them down. I look for the Hokies to do the same thing today.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl:

Rice (10 - 3) 27 vs. Mississippi State (6 - 6) 24: Rice won the Conference USA title, but posted most of their wins against a sub-par schedule. Mississippi State played a far tougher slate, but wasn't particularly impressive, relying on overtime wins in their last two game to get bowl eligible. I'm taking Rice, because they have a lot to prove and the Bulldogs haven't been very impressive.

Chik-Fil-A Bowl:

(24) Duke (11- 2)30  vs. (21) Texas A&M (8 - 4) 37: Duke had its most successful season in history, while the Aggies were a little disappointed with theirs. The Blue Devils won the Coastal Division of the ACC, but avoided playing Florida State or Clemson in the regular season, then got shellacked by the 'Noles in the conference championship game.  I don't think Duke can stop Johnnie Manziel, but they may be able to score a bunch of points against the Aggies. This one will be a lot closer than  some people think, but I still believe A&M will find a way to win what may be Manziel's last college performance.