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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sports Takes a Back Seat Today

Too Much to Comprehend: You send your kids or husbands or wives off to school or work and expect them to get in or out of the car or off the bus when the day is over. For twenty-seven families in Connecticut, that expectation was not met, due to a crazed killer. This isn't the time or place to spew useless rhetoric about guns and violence and the right and the left. All we can do is pray for some semblance of peace to eventually come into the lives of those affected by today's events. Out of deference to those families, I will not even begin to try to make sense out of the NFL playoff picture or why college coaches see the need to move from school to school. No, not this day. On this day, our prayers go out to a God to whom we are tempted to simply ask "Why?" Instead, we will ask for peace for the parents, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and other loved ones of those who did not come home from Stony Hook Elementary School today.