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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday Sports HodgePodge

World Series Starts Tonight: I'm wondering how long it will take before one of these teams scores a run tonight. Verlander has been virtually impossible to hit, much less trying to score on him. The Tigers have a bit of an advantage in that they were able to set up their rotation for the Series, while the Giants just had to do everything they could to come back against the Cardinals. I'm pulling for the Tigers because I'm a big fan of Jim Leyland. The guy is a great manager in a sport where they aren't considered particularly important. I'm a bit concerned over the layoff for the Tigers, as historically that has tended to work against a team once they get out of the normal baseball routine. Unlike football, basketball and hockey, baseball teams rarely get more than one day off except for the All-Star break, much less several as the Tigers have had. It could have been worse had game four against the Yankees not been rained out. I'm expecting a close series with a lot of close games, great pitching and situational hitting. Pretty much a baseball fan's dream World Series. The only way it would be better for a purist is if they were playing the games during the day.

Armstrong Done: So Lance Armstrong has been stripped of his seven titles, presumed guilty of everything from doping to conspiracy to strong arming teammates to stealing candy from babies (okay, that last one is not true, but you get the point), resigned from his foundation and fired by Nike. Wait, fired by Nike? You know how hard it is for a star athlete to get fired by Nike? Phil Knight's middle name is Forgiveness and his boat is probably named  "Everyone Deserves a Second Chance." I like Phil and what he has done for the sports landscape, but come on. Why now? I mean, Tiger Woods is still in the stable. I understand he's coming out with a new line of waterproof golf wear called "Hydrant". Okay, that was a pure lie, but it would make for some great conversation and commercials. Can you see Tiger backing into a hydrant, water spouting in the air, and Woods standing in the street proudly proclaiming, "When you get into hot water, remember to wear your Hydrant protective gear. It sure saved me!"? Okay, maybe not... Perhaps that's why I'm still looking for work on Madison Avenue.

It's Great Their Talking About RGII, But... RGIII is the hottest thing in football since camo helmets and retractable roofs. But unfortunately for we Redskins fans, they're still only 3 - 4, having lost a heart breaker to the Giants. Of course the only way that's RGIII's fault is because the 'Skins scored too fast on the go ahead TD pass to Moss. I just hope his stellar play begins to translate into playoff caliber won - lost records.

University of Arkansas Coaching Search: Now that the Razorbacks's season is likely to end in a minor bowl appearance at best, conversation has turned from game analysis to who is likely to be the next head coach. Last time Athletic Director Jeff Long turned to a disgruntled Bobby Petrino and at the time, appeared to have pulled quite  a coup. In retrospect, not so much. In his column in today's Arkansas Democrat, Wally Hall lists some names who probably aren't realistic candidates. The headline also states that there probably aren't as many viable candidates as some people think. I tend to agree with Wally on this one. My opinion is that the ideal candidate is one that has demonstrated the ability to lead a program to some level of success, meaning they need to have head coaching experience. It doesn't necessarily mean it has to be at a BCS school. It could be a school in the FCS or one of the non-qualifier FBS conferences like the Sun Belt or Conference USA. They also need to have demonstrated the ability to recruit skill players to a location that may be less than desirable for many athletes. Not that Fayetteville is undesirable, but USC, Texas, Florida State and others have a little more appeal, although Bill Snyder at Kansas State (Manhattan) and Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg) have done pretty well for a long period of time. Of course, the last time I checked, no one was calling me for my opinion, but I'll answer the phone if Mr. Long wants to give me a ring and chat.

NHL Cancels Games Through Nov. 1: Really? Has anyone even noticed?

NBA Now Playing Its Exhibition Schedule: Really? Has anyone even noticed?