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Monday, October 8, 2012

Is Anyone Safe in the Top Five?

Three of the Top Five Go Down: Okay, so either Georgia or South Carolina had to go down to defeat, but who would have thought Florida State and LSU would both be held scoreless in the second half of their games? And as much as I hate to say it, watch out for Notre Dame. The SEC teams still have to beat up on each other, with the exception of Alabama, who only needs to worry about LSU and whatever high school they added to the schedule to get their twelfth game. Oregon always loses to someone, so don't look now, but that would put Notre Dame against Alabama in the BCS championship game. However, I'm pulling for LSU or South Carolina to upset Alabama and USC to stun Notre Dame, setting up the improbable matchup of Oregon and West Virginia. They may need to add another digit to the scoreboard for that one.  Seriously folks, there are a lot of basketball games that will see less points on the board than a game between the Ducks and Mountaineers. The only way West Virginia will be able to stop Oregon is if their rifle toting mascot starts shooting at the Duck players with real bullets. And the only way the Mountaineers will be stopped is if a flock of mallards descends on the stadium grass during West Virginia's offensive possessions. Trust me, 77-74 isn't out of the question. Those two teams can't even spell deefenc....oh, hell. Forget it. They do.

Welcome to the NFL, RGIII: Someone needs to give RGIII Michael Vick's phone number. He's not playing in the Big Twelve, otherwise known as touch football. These guys are big, fast and ferocious. If you're a step from going out of bounds, you better take that step or you end up sitting on the sideline seeing stars.  And I'm not talking Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera. If RGIII and the Redskins have any hope at success, he needs to protect himself and the franchise by getting down or getting out, or he'll be down and out more than he's up and in the game.

Talladega Frights: Once again, the Talledega race track lived up to its billing. A huge wreck with three laps to go took out about half the field, including a number of Chase contenders. It still boggles my mind that they allow, in late race situations, non-Chase cars to line up for a restart with the Chase contenders. I mean really, it's like letting the Charlotte Bobcats suddenly rush the floor in the fourth quarter of a Heat - Celtics game 7. Put the Chase guys at the front and make the other guys run for thirteenth and tell them to stop whining. They had 24 races to qualify and they didn't. Get over it and let the drivers that qualified for the Chase race each other without worrying about drivers that, let's face it, really aren't all that good.

So Now It's the Outfield Fly Rule?: As if the one game wild card playoff wasn't ludicrous enough, Major League Baseball had to exacerbate the situation with an absolutely embarrassing display of umpiring in the Braves - Cardinals game. Come on, if anything ever screams for replay, that does. That umpire was so out of line it was preposterous. His call was not only wrong under the rules, but it was so late that the runners couldn't even react appropriately. It's bad enough that the Braves won seven more games than the Cardinals in the regular season, then had to play a one game playoff for a real playoff berth. And to make matters worse, the team with the best record in baseball, the Nationals, ends up opening the playoffs on the road against the playoff team with the least victories. Is this the way Bud Selig expects to stem the tide of decreasing interest by young people? "Yes, son, the team with the best record doesn't get the best deal. And umpires can make really bad calls and there is no recourse. But it's America's pastime so you should just ignore that and be totally captivated anyway, eat your peanuts and enjoy the organ music........" Uh, huh. You tell 'em, Bud!