"Roughing the Passer - A PK Frazier Novel"

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Friday, January 16, 2015


This is a bitter sweet weekend, the last true football fans' week of games. My favorite week of games was the divisional round, but getting into the Super Bowl is what it's all about in the NFL. The two top seeds are still around in the NFC, while the AFC has the old versus the new squaring off in New England. 

Indianapolis (13 - 5) @ New England (13 - 4): In week 11, the Pats drilled the Colts 42 - 20, running up over 240 yards on the ground in the process. Is there any reason to expect anything much different this time around? Probably not. This is Tom Brady's ninth AFC championship game, Andrew Luck's first. It might be Brady's last, but probably not Luck's. Selfishly, I'm hoping the Patriots advance, because the dream Super Bowl is New England trying to keep the Seahawks from repeating while trying to win their first title in over a decade. As Brady and Manning reach the twilight of their careers, Andrew Luck is there to take the torch forward, just as the old guard took the stage from Elway and Marino. Can Indy win? Sure, that's why they play the games. But this isn't a great matchup for the Colts, unless the New England secondary has a particularly bad day.

Green Bay (13 - 4) @ Seattle (13 - 4): On opening day, the Seahawks blasted the Packers 36 - 16. That was with a healthy Aaron Rodgers playing for Green Bay. Can we expect anything different this time around? I doubt it, not with the way the Seahawks are playing and with the Packer's QB's injured calf. Seattle is virtually unbeatable at home and you better be on your game to be able to have a chance at pulling the big upset. Is it possible that Rodgers makes enough big plays to give the Pack a chance? Sure. Is it probable that they play pretty well and the Seahawks have an off day on defense, putting Green Bay in Super Bowl? No. But I'll be watching with everyone else to see if Aaron Rodgers can overcome his bum calf and the 12th man in Seattle.