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Friday, January 3, 2014


AT&T Cotton Bowl:

(12) Oklahoma State (10 - 2) 34 vs. (8) Missouri (11 - 2) 30: This is a matchup of old Big 12 FOES, and Big 8 rivals before that. Oklahoma State's loss to Oklahoma to end the season looks a little better now that the Sooners upended Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Missouri lost to Auburn in the SEC championship, giving up a lot of points in the process.  I think this is a pretty even game, and bowl games are always hard to predict.  Oklahoma State stubbed their toe at West Virginia, then rolled through most of the Big 12 until losing to the Sooners in a rivalry game. Missouri was 7 - 1 in the SEC in the regular season, but didn't have to play LSU or Alabama, then got drilled by Auburn in the championship game. I'll take the Cowboys to overpower the Tigers.

Discover Orange Bowl:

(12) Clemson (10 - 2)  30 vs. (7) Ohio State (12 - 1) 28: Both of these teams had very disappointing ends to the season. Clemson couldn't handle South Carolina, just like they never seemed to have a chance in their game with Florida State. The Buckeyes steamrolled a weak Big 10 and non-conference schedule, then struggled against Michigan before losing to Michigan State in the conference championship. I think this game will depend on which coaching staff can convince their team that there really is something to play for, even though there probably isn't. The most significant thing about this game is that these teams haven't faced each other since the 1978 Gator Bowl, where OSU coaching legend Woody Hayes decked a Clemson player and never coached again. I'll be an ACC homer and take Clemson.