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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Morning Ponderings

How Important Are Sports? Last Tuesday, this nation re-elected a president despite being very divided  philosophically. Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the most populous region of the United States. Unemployment is still plaguing the country's ability to recover economically. It made me think about the role of professional and college sports in not just our country, but the world. The NHL is in the midst of a lockout for the third time in recent memory and is not playing any games for the foreseeable future. The NBA played a shortened season last year. Individually, I don't believe any sport is irreplaceable.  Internationally, soccer is huge and I believe would sorely be missed. But aside from the people that earn their living in sports, life would go on. I am a huge sports fan, but that passion could easily be put into feeding the hungry, counseling the lonely, leading the lost and working with the youth of our nation. I hope the NCAA continues with its broad athletic programs, the NFL continues to grow and entertain, FIFA continues to bring sport to third world nations, etc. But the truth is, we can and would live without it. Just ask anyone in the Northeast still struggling without power and essential life supporting goods and services.

Lakers Fire Coach Mike Brown? Really? I guess patience isn't in Jerry Buss' vocabulary. So let's see if I have this right: You sign an aging point guard, trade away a terrific young, but sometimes flawed young player for one that has been nothing but a distraction for his franchise for the last two seasons, aging point guard gets injured, best player gets injured, you start 1 - 4 and then fire the coach. I like it. Talk about your lack of perspective. Top management makes moves it hopes will work, they take a little time to take hold and you find a convenient scapegoat in Mike Brown. Good for them. I guess they call that leadership in some alternate universe.

NHL Lockout Continues: Really? I hadn't noticed.

College Football Comments: We still have four big undefeated teams, five if you count Louisville, which most people aren't. History indicates that we'll see that number whittled to one or two by the end of the season. I have 'Bama going down today, Kansas State stubbing their toe at some point, most likely against Texas on Dec. 1, Notre Dame having great difficulty in outscoring USC and Oregon most likely running the table unless they get derailed at Oregon State. If all of them end up losing, it brings in a plethora of one-loss teams to the equation, including Florida, Florida State, Georgia and Clemson. Wow! I can't wait.

NFL Rankings: I know we don't generally have any rankings for the NFL, but if this was the PCS (Playoff Championship Series), here's how I would have the Top Five teams rated:

  1. Atlanta 8-0: I know the argument is they haven't won a playoff game, their division is weak and they haven't played a strong schedule. However, it's the NFL, we're still in the regular season and they're still undefeated  Enough said.
  2. Chicago 7-1: Not a lot has been said about the Bears, but they are really tough. The addition of Brandon Marshall has given Cutler a premier target and Matt Forte in the running game provides the Bears with a balanced offense to go with an always top-notch defense.
  3. Houston 7-1: Almost a ditto from above. The Texans have it all and probably should have achieved more last season.
  4. Denver 5-3: I know, they're only 5-3 with other teams above them with better records. But Peyton Manning finally has his receivers on the same page with him, they have a solid ground game and an opportunistic defense. They will be tough to beat down the stretch.
  5. (Tie) San Francisco 6-2, Baltimore 6-2: I have the Niners tied with Baltimore for the last spot in the top five. They're tough defensively and can run and pass on offense. The Ravens defense is aging and lose a little without Ray Lewis, but Joe Flacco is maturing and the offense is more dangerous than in the past.